Sunday Worship

This Week’s Worship 

ANNOUNCEMENTS July 12 , 2020

Praise the Lord we have our first in-person English Worship this morning.

Welcome brothers and sisters and friends who continue to join us at our live stream English and virtual Chinese Worship today.

We thank the Lord for those who participated in the “Fasting & Praying as a Church” this past week in preparation of the in-person English Worship today.

There is a virtual Congregation Meeting next Sunday (July 19) at 11:30 a.m. The main order of business will be the voting for new church officers.  We have the following candidates to be elected as church officers:

      Simon Chan and Lawrence Tai as deacon

Sally Ip as Treasurer

Daphne Wang – as Church Clerk

Thank you to everyone who donated to the COVID-19 fund. Through your donations, we were able to raise $8,810. With that money, we supported the following organizations:

      $3,000 to buy face masks for the U of R

$4,000 to Rochester Regional Health

$600 to Open Door Mission

$1,210 to Refuge Rochester

We thank God for showing his generosity through the congregation.