Sunday Worship

This Week’s Worship 


This week’s prayer focus is for us to grow in our trust in the Lord.

With the COVID-19 situation improving in the area, we will be relaxing many of our guidelines starting next week. Masks will still be required, but social distancing, temperature checks, and registration will no longer be required.

The virtual congregation meeting will be held today at 11:30 AM. The main agenda of the meeting will be voting for the new church officers. The Zoom info and nominee bios can be found in the weekly email. It is the privilege as well as responsibility of all members to attend the Congregation meeting. Non-members are welcome to observe.

There will be a Prayer Altar, a church wide prayer meeting to encourage our congregation to be more of a prayer-driven church and to emphasize the importance of prayer, held on June 19th at 10AM at RCCC-W.

The English Sunday School will be starting at an earlier time of 11:15 AM next week.

RCCC-W will resume in-person worship service only starting on June 20th starting at 11:15 AM.

We are grateful that we were able to resume our Children’s Sunday School last week as well as have a hybrid English Sunday School class.


Next Week’s Sermon Speakers:

English Worship: Pastor Young

Chinese Worship: Brother Dingli Chen

RCCC-W: Pastor Ho