In 1959, an American couple of the Browncroft Community Church (or BCC, formerly known as the “Brighton Community Church”) invited some international students to their house for Bible study. By the end of that decade, this handful of people grew to about thirty and came to be known as the Rochester Christian Fellowship (RCF). In the next ten years, her activities expanded beyond weekly Bible studies to include local outreach, joint retreats with other Bible study groups in upstate New York, and a very healthy mission program. The meeting place was moved a few times and finally settled at BCC. 


While RCF was an international group, it gradually gained a Chinese flavor over the years. From time to time, whenever there were appropriate Chinese pastors coming to Rochester, RCF would hold worship services in Chinese to minister to the Christians in the group, as well as to reach out to Chinese non-Christians. In 1978, a greater need was felt and a special committee was set up to oversee and conduct these meetings on a bi-weekly basis. 


As the attendance for Chinese worship services increased, the frequency of such services also increased to three times a month and finally once a week. By 1983, it was recognized that this ministry had become mature and should be organized as an independent group closely associated with RCF and BCC. With that, Rochester Chinese Christian Church (RCCC) was born. 


RCCC continued to grow, and grow, and grow … By 1989, she had about 140 adults and 40 children attending weekly services and that meant reaching to the full capacity of the chapel at BCC. She eagerly sought to have her own meeting place. Eventually, the Lord answered her prayer in His own miraculous way and provided her the property at 1524 Jackson Road in 1990. 


We, as God’s people at RCCC, are committed to

  1. build up the body of Christ through fellowship, discipleship, gifts, and missionary outreach;
  2. proclaim and uphold the teachings of the Bible; and
  3. spread the gospel in the Rochester area, especially to those of Chinese heritage.

We welcome all Christians to participate in the work of this church.