The Bible records that our God is a living missionary God who is passionate about “making known his ways and his saving power among the nations” (Psalm 67). This is one of God’s greatest activity in bringing worshipers to himself.

The regenerating work of the Holy Spirit in the heart of a sinner achieves the result of a new heart of flesh that beats for God and His glory. Fists that were once raised in rebellion toward heaven are turned into open palms of praise of their Savior, Jesus Christ.

It’s the mission committee’s goal to play an active part in advancing the Gospel, that God might get greater glory in the greater Rochester area and the world.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of the mission committee, please contact us at missions@rochesterccc.org.

CMC Global 2020

Speakers: David Platt, Francis Chan, Wayne Chen, Christopher Yuan

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Taste of Perspectives Event

Perspectives 2021 class is in the planning stages. You are invited to attend two FREE events to find out if Perspectives is right for you.

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English (October 20, 6:30-8:30)            Chinese (October 25, 2-4pm)