Date Title Series Speaker
Dec 28, 2008 A New Song for a New Year Stand-alone Pastor Herring
Dec 21, 2008 Who Am I to Choose? Stand-alone Chunlun Chan
Dec 07, 2008 A Christian Christmas Stand-alone Pastor Herring
Nov 23, 2008 A Thankful Heart Stand-alone Pastor Herring
Nov 16, 2008 To Grow in Commitment Stand-alone Rev. Mingpeng Gong
Nov 09, 2008 Real Righteousness Romans Pastor Herring
Nov 02, 2008 Not Even One Romans Pastor Herring
Oct 26, 2008 Don’t Take The Bait Stand-alone Andy Ma
Oct 19, 2008 Attitude Toward God Stand-alone Chunlun Chan
Oct 12, 2008 To Be Used By God Stand-alone David Bartkowski
Oct 05, 2008 A Few Objections Romans Pastor Herring
Sep 29, 2008 In Name, Not Fact! Romans Pastor Herring
Sep 21, 2008 Hiding Stand-alone Chunlun Chan
Sep 14, 2008 No Better Than They Romans Pastor Herring
Sep 07, 2008 The Moral Consequences Romans Pastor Herring
Aug 31, 2008 The Necessity of the Gospel Romans Pastor Herring
Aug 10, 2008 Not Human Anger Romans Pastor Herring
Aug 03, 2008 The Core Gospel Romans Pastor Herring
Jul 27, 2008 Christian Fellowship Romans Pastor Herring
Jul 20, 2008 How Far Is Your God? Stand-alone Chunlun Chan
Jul 06, 2008 Thou Shalt Not Covet Ten Commandments Pastor Herring
Jun 29, 2008 Parting Words Stand-alone David Bartkowski
Jun 22, 2008 The 3-D Perspective on Life Stand-alone Chunlun Chan
Jun 15, 2008 You Shall Not Bear False Testimony Ten Commandments Pastor Herring
Jun 08, 2008 You Shall Not Steal Ten Commandments Tony Wong
Jun 01, 2008 You Shall Not Commit Adultery Ten Commandments Pastor Herring
May 25, 2008 Let the Little Children Come Stand-alone Pastor Herring
May 18, 2008 Faith-Based Compassion Stand-alone Chunlun Chan
May 11, 2008 Lessons from Mom Mother’s Day Pastor Herring
May 04, 2008 Thou Shalt Not Kill Ten Commandments Pastor Herring
Apr 27, 2008 The Command with a Promise Ten Commandments Pastor Herring
Apr 20, 2008 To Whom Is The Gospel Veiled Stand-alone Chunlun Chan
Apr 06, 2008 The Name of God Ten Commandments Pastor Herring
Mar 30, 2008 Fasting Stand-alone David Bartkowski
Mar 23, 2008 Resurrection and the Gospel Stand-alone Pastor Herring
Mar 16, 2008 The Four Moments of a Day Stand-alone Chunlun Chan
Mar 02, 2008 A False Approach Ten Commandments Pastor Herring
Feb 24, 2008 No Other Gods Ten Commandments Pastor Herring
Feb 10, 2008 A Pressing Conviction Glory to God Alone Pastor Herring
Feb 03, 2008 Sincere Exhortation Glory to God Alone Pastor Herring
Jan 27, 2008 A Better Worldview Glory to God Alone Pastor Herring
Jan 20, 2008 Are You Willing? Stand-alone Chunlun Chan
Jan 13, 2008 A Holy Transformation Glory to God Alone Pastor Herring