English Sermons

2021-10-10 10-10-2021Into the Holy of HoliesPastor Young ChoeJohn 14:6Through the Bible
2021-08-29 08-29-2021Blessed are the PersecutedPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:1-12Beatitudes
2021-04-11 04-11-2021Woe to the Proud and Arrogant!Pastor Young ChoeNahum 1:1-11Through the Bible
2021-05-09 05-09-2021Seek His KingdomPastor Young ChoeHaggai 1:3-11Through the Bible
2023-12-24 12-24-2023Glory to God, Peace to ManMinister Dingli ChenLuke 2:8-14Standalone
2020-05-03 05-03-2020The Gospel According to SamuelTim Schaertel2 Samuel 7:1-17Through the Bible
2023-09-24 09-24-2023Transformed in Body and MindMinister Dingli ChenRomans 12:1-2Standalone
2023-06-04 06-04-2023When the End is NearPastor Ho1 Peter 4:1-111 Peter
2021-02-07 02-07-2021An Unfaithful LoverPastor Young ChoeHosea 3Through the Bible
2022-04-15 04-15-2022The Substitute ServantPastor HoIsaiah 52:13-15Standalone
2023-01-29 01-29-2023The Work of FaithPastor HoJames 2:14-26James
2021-07-18 07-18-2021The Mission: God is the GospelPastor Young Choe1 Peter 3:18The Mission
2021-12-12 12-12-2021Have Come to Worship Him!Pastor Young ChoeMatthew 2:1-12Advent
2021-05-16 05-16-2021The Reign of the MessiahPastor Young ChoeZechariah 9:9-10Through the Bible
2023-12-31 12-31-2023Weep, moun, prayMinister Dingli ChenNehemiah 1:1-11Nehemiah
2021-01-31 01-31-2021The Ancient of Days Reigns!Pastor Young ChoeDaniel 7:9-10,13-14Through the Bible
2023-04-02 04-02-2023Living in HopePastor Ho1 Peter 1:13-251 Peter
2023-01-01 01-01-2023The Test of FaithPastor HoJames 1:1-18James
2021-03-07 03-07-2021God's Love vs Man's LovePastor Young ChoeJonah 3:6 - 4:5Through the Bible
2022-09-25 09-25-2022The Kinsman RedeemerPastor Young ChoeRuth 2:1-13Ruth
2024-04-28 04-28-2024FaithfulnessBrother Egan YipGenesis 12:1-9Fruit of the Spirit
2022-07-03 07-03-2022The Day of the Lord will come!Pastor Young Choe2 Peter 3:5-13Through the Bible
2020-01-12 01-12-2020Genesis: Two BeginningsPastor Young ChoeGenesis 1:1-3Through the Bible
2022-05-22 05-22-2022More Than ConquerorsPastor Mike SmithRomans 8:31-39Standalone
2024-05-12 05-12-2024A Godly MotherBrother Egan Yip1 Samuel 1:9-20Standalone
2023-11-12 11-12-2023Becoming a Growing Disciple of ChristBrother Mike GravesJohn 15:7-14Standalone
2023-05-14 05-14-2023Give our life to the LordMinister Dingli Chen1 Samuel 1:26-27Standalone
2024-03-03 03-03-2024The First Fruit of Spirit: LoveMinister Dingli ChenMatthew 22:37-40Fruit of the Spirit
2021-06-13 06-13-2021Merciful RevivalPastor HoPsalm 119:153-160Standalone
2021-04-18 04-18-2021Take Your Spear as a PriestBrother Dingli ChenNumbers 25Standalone
2022-09-11 09-11-2022Book of Ruth: The RedeemerPastor Young ChoeRuth 1:1-14Ruth
2022-02-06 02-06-2022Faith, Hope, and LovePastor Young Choe1 Corinthians 13:13Through the Bible
2020-11-22 11-22-2020The Rebuke of the FatherPastor Young ChoeIsaiah 1:2-4Through the Bible
2023-03-05 03-05-2023Being Rich in the WorldPastor HoJames 5:1-6James
2022-09-18 09-18-2022Faith of Ruth: Your People shall be my people, your God my GodPastor Young ChoeRuth 1:15-22Ruth
2020-05-24 05-24-2020My People who are called by my namePastor Young Choe2 Chronicles 7:14Through the Bible
2021-05-23 05-23-2021His Spirit of RighteousnessPastor Young ChoeMalachi 4:2Through the Bible
2022-06-05 06-05-2022Grace & PeacePastor Young ChoePhilemon 1:1-3Through the Bible
2020-03-15 03-15-2020Can Affliction Be Good?Pastor HoPs 119: 65-72Standalone
2020-04-26 04-26-2020No Hope to Hope FulfilledPastor Young ChoeRuth 1:14-18Through the Bible
2024-02-11 02-11-2024Living Out the Word of GodBrother Egan YipNehemiah 8:1-18Nehemiah
2021-12-19 12-19-2021Jesus the Servant of PeacePastor HoIsaiah 49:1-7Advent
2023-10-29 10-29-2023Live righteously in an unrighteous ageMinister Dingli Chen2 Peter 2:4-10a2 Peter
2021-08-22 08-22-2021Blessed are the PeacemakersPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:1-12Beatitudes
2021-06-27 06-27-2021Intimate WorshipPastor HoLuke 7:36-50Standalone
2021-03-14 03-14-2021A Ruler, a ShepherdPastor Young ChoeMicah 5:2-5Through the Bible
2021-03-28 03-28-2021Hosanna in the Highest!Pastor Young ChoeMark 11:7-10Standalone
2021-09-05 09-05-2021Building A Healthy and Growing ChurchRev. Joshua TingActs 2:41-47Standalone
2021-09-19 09-19-2021A Light in the DarknessPastor Young ChoeMark 1:15Through the Bible
2020-09-06 09-06-2020Return to the LORDPastor Young ChoeNehemiah 1:4-11Through the Bible
2021-12-26 12-26-2021Revelation of GodPastor Young ChoePsalm 119:105Standalone
2020-07-12 07-12-2020Inside, Not OutsidePastor Young ChoePsalm 51:16-19Christ in the Psalms
2023-03-19 03-19-2023The Prayer of FaithPastor HoJames 5:12-20James
2024-03-10 03-10-2024Jesus is Coming SoonBrother Egan Yip2 Peter 3:1-7Standalone
2021-05-30 05-30-2021Blessed Are The Poor in SpiritPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:1-11Beatitudes
2020-03-22 03-22-2020The Church Is A Spiritual HospitalTim SchaertelMark 2:15-17What is the Church?
2022-08-28 08-28-2022To Proclaim Good News to the PoorPastor Young ChoeLuke 4:16-30Standalone
2022-10-23 10-23-2022Following JesusPastor TangJohn 21:18-23Standalone
2020-12-20 12-20-2020Faith Sees HimPastor Young ChoeMatthew 16:13-17Christmas Advent
2020-05-31 05-31-2020Fasting and PrayerPastor Young ChoeEzra 8:21-23Through the Bible
2020-01-19 01-19-2020Genesis Part 2: The Image of GodPastor Young ChoeGenesis 1:26-27Through the Bible
2020-02-09 02-09-2020The Book of Numbers: The Ways of the LordPastor Young ChoeHebrews 3:7-13Through the Bible
2021-12-05 12-05-2021Great News of Great JoyPastor Young ChoeLuke 2:8-14Advent
2023-01-15 01-15-2023Hear and Do the Work of GodMinister Dingli ChenJames 1:19-27James
2024-01-07 01-07-2024Build up God's HousePastor TangNehemiah 2:1-20Nehemiah
2024-04-07 04-07-2024Fruit of the Holy Spirit: PatiencePastor WangEphesians 4:1-7Fruit of the Spirit
2023-06-18 06-18-2023The Heart of our Father in HeavenPastor TangMatthew 6:1-15Standalone
2020-10-25 10-25-2020Wisdom of DavidPastor Young ChoePsalm 49:1-3Through the Bible
2024-03-24 03-24-2024PeaceBrother Egan YipEphesians 2:11-18Fruit of the Spirit
2021-11-07 11-07-2021The Normal ChurchPastor Young ChoeActs 2:41-47Through the Bible
2023-11-26 11-26-2023We Ought to live Holy and Godly LivesMinister Stone Wang2 Peter 3:8-132 Peter
2024-03-31 03-31-2024The Lord Is Resurrection and LifePastor WangJohn 11:17-27Standalone
2021-10-17 10-17-2021Fallen is BabylonPastor HoRevelation 17:1-6Standalone
2020-11-08 11-08-2020An Upside-Down WorldPastor Young ChoeEcclesiastes 12:13-14Through the Bible
2023-10-01 10-01-2023Living for the BestBrother Egan Yip2 Peter 1:1-8Standalone
2022-09-04 09-04-2022Message #4Pastor TangEphesians 6:10-13Church Retreat
2020-10-18 10-18-2020God works all things together for goodPastor Young ChoeJob 42:2-3Through the Bible
2020-01-05 01-05-2020Give Yourself to Prayer in 2020Pastor Young ChoeEphesians 6:10-18Standalone
2023-03-26 03-26-2023The One Eternal HopeMinister Dingli Chen1 Peter 1:1-121 Peter
2022-06-26 06-26-2022As Sojourner & ExilesPastor Young Choe1 Peter 2:9-11Through the Bible
2022-08-21 08-21-2022As the Lord CommandedPastor HoLeviticus 10:8-20Standalone
2022-11-13 11-13-2022Trace the OriginBrother Dingli ChenActs 9:19-30Standalone
2022-12-25 12-25-2022Give Your Very Best to JesusPastor TangMatthew 2:10-11Standalone
2022-11-06 11-06-2022ListenPastor Tang1 Samuel 3:1-10Standalone
2023-12-17 12-17-2023The Christ TreeBrother Mike GravesActs 13:29-30Standalone
2021-10-31 10-31-2021How Should I Speak?Brother Dingli ChenExodus 32:9-14Standalone
2020-02-23 02-23-2020The Gospel According to JoshuaTim SchaertelJoshua 5:13-15Through the Bible
2023-09-17 09-17-2023The Life-Changing Fruits of GracePastor HerringMatthew 5:3-12Standalone
2023-12-03 12-03-2023Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus ChristMinister Stone Wang2 Peter 3:14-182 Peter
2022-02-27 02-27-2022Spiritual Warfare: 7 Strategies of the EnemyPastor Young ChoeEphesians 6:10-17Through the Bible
2022-08-07 08-07-2022He Must Increase, but I Must DecreasePastor Young ChoeJohn 3:28-30Standalone
2021-01-10 01-10-2021The LORD is our RighteousnessPastor Young ChoeJeremiah 23:5-6Through the Bible
2024-01-28 01-28-2024Building by the Fear of GodBrother Egan YipNehemiah 5:1-19Nehemiah
2020-09-13 09-13-2020The Invisible GodPastor Young ChoeEsther 4:12-14Through the Bible
2024-05-19 05-19-2024The Fruit of Spirit - Self-ControlMinister Dingli ChenMatthew 4:1-11Fruit of the Spirit
2022-10-02 10-02-2022Kinsman Redeemer: A Love StoryPastor Young ChoeRuth 2:14-23Ruth
2024-04-21 04-21-2024The Fruit of Spirit - GoodnessMinister Dingli ChenMatthew 5:13-16Fruit of the Spirit
2020-12-13 12-13-2020Baby Jesus?Pastor Young ChoeIsaiah 9:6Christmas Advent
2020-10-11 10-11-2020Wisdom from AbovePastor Young ChoeProverbs 5:7Through the Bible
2022-05-29 05-29-2022The Grace of GodPastor Young ChoeTitus 2:11-15Through the Bible
2021-10-03 10-03-2021Lord's Prayer: A Prayer of God's Perfect SonPastor Young ChoeLuke 11:1-4Through the Bible
2024-02-04 02-04-2024Never Stop Doing God's WillPastor TangNehemiah 6:1-19Nehemiah
2020-01-26 01-26-2020The Gospel According to ExodusTim SchaertelExodus 6:1-8Through the Bible
2023-07-09 07-09-2023Fear NotPastor TangPsalm 23:1-6Standalone
2023-08-27 08-27-2023Managing God's OrganizationBrother Chunlun Chan1 Peter 5:1-5Standalone
2023-01-08 01-08-2023Loving GodPastor TangJames 1:12-18James
2021-02-14 02-14-2021Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be savedPastor Young ChoeJoel 2:28, 32Through the Bible
2022-10-30 10-30-2022Saul's Zeal and HopeBrother Dingli ChenActs 9:1-9Standalone
2020-09-27 09-27-2020Holiness to our GodBrother Howard StoneEpehsians 4:22-24Standalone
2021-07-25 07-25-2021The Mission: Heaven is our HopePastor Young ChoeActs 1:8-11The Mission
2023-07-30 07-30-2023Put God FirstPastor TangMatthew 6:31-34Standalone
2023-11-19 11-19-2023The Narrow Way and the Grace that Meets Us TherePastor HerringMatthew 7:13-14Standalone
2021-11-21 11-21-2021Transformed into His LikenessPastor Young Choe2 Corinthians 3:18Through the Bible
2023-09-10 09-10-2023Be a Faithful ServantPastor TangMatthew 25:14-30Standalone
2022-09-04 09-04-2022Message #3Pastor TangEphesians 4:11-16Church Retreat
2020-05-17 05-17-2020Seeing with new eyesPastor Young Choe2 Kings 6:16-17Through the Bible
2023-01-22 01-22-2023Do Not Show PartialityPastor TangJames 2:1-13James
2020-04-19 04-19-2020Did what was right in their own eyesPastor Young ChoeJudges 21:25Through the Bible
2021-09-12 09-12-2021The Son of Man, the Son of GodPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:17-18Through the Bible
2022-04-24 04-24-2022The Will of God: Our SanctificationPastor Young Choe1 Thessalonians 4:1-8Through the Bible
2021-01-17 01-17-2021The Steadfast Love of the LORD never ceasesPastor Young ChoeLamentations 4:22-27Through the Bible
2022-07-10 07-10-2022The Works of the DevilPastor Young Choe1 John 3:4-10Through the Bible
2021-05-02 05-02-2021A Remnant Through The DisasterPastor Young ChoeZephaniah 3:12Through the Bible
2020-12-27 12-27-2020Better than GoldPastor Young ChoePsalm 19:7-10New Year 2021
2022-05-01 05-01-2022The Old Testament Describes ChristPastor Young Choe2 TImothy 3:14-15Through the Bible
2020-09-20 09-20-2020Safe in the Arms of My GodPastor HoPsalm 119:113-120Standalone
2023-02-05 02-05-2023Glorify God With Your Speech and ActionPastor TangJames 3:1-12James
2021-01-24 01-24-2021I will put my Spirit within youPastor Young ChoeEzekiel 36:22-28Through the Bible
2022-07-17 07-17-2022Now to him who is able to keep you from stumblingPastor Young ChoeJude 24:-25Through the Bible
2020-03-29 03-29-2020The Church is the Kingdom of GodPastor HoMatthew 16:18-19What is the Church?
2022-02-13 02-13-2022The Gospel of ChristPastor Young ChoeGalatians 1:6-9Through the Bible
2022-04-17 04-17-2022Resurrection: The Linchpin of ChristianityPastor Young1 Corinthians 15:12-19Standalone
2022-07-31 07-31-2022Unto Your Mission Be TrueGerald BoehlkeActs 1:8Standalone
2022-10-09 10-09-2022The Power of the Gospel of Grace and TruthRev. Dr. James LaiJohn 1:14-17Standalone
2020-04-12 04-12-2020Resurrection from the DeadPastor Young Choe1 Corinthians 15:12-19, 31-32Standalone
2023-08-06 08-06-2023Let's LamentMinister Dingli ChenLamentations 3:19-24Standalone
2023-10-22 10-22-2023Medicine and EvangelismEthan HelmLuke 17:11-19Standalone
2022-05-15 05-15-2022The First Witnesses of ResurrectionPastor HoJohn 20:19-31Standalone
2020-11-01 11-01-2020Wisdom for BelowPastor Young ChoeProverbs 2:6Through the Bible
2022-03-06 03-06-2022Christ's First Sermon: Reaching the World with the Good NewsAndrew CotterLuke 4:22-30Standalone
2023-11-05 11-05-2023The Unrighteous Wages of The Unrighteous ProphetMinister Stone Wang2 Peter 2:10b-222 Peter
2020-10-04 10-04-2020The Trustworthy Messiah and his Trustworthy MessageBrother Keith RyooActs 18:1-17Standalone
2020-12-06 12-06-2020The Great Treasure wrapped in plain brown paperPastor Young ChoeLuke 1:32-33Christmas Advent
2022-09-03 09-03-2022Message #1Pastor TangEphesians 4:1-9Church Retreat
2023-04-23 04-23-2023Christ is the Living StoneMinister Dingli Chen1 Peter 2:1-121 Peter
2022-03-20 03-20-2022The First CommissionGerald BoehlkeJohn 20:21Standalone
2023-02-12 02-12-2023Make Peace Through WisdomMinister Dingli ChenJames 3:13-18James
2022-01-30 01-30-2022Keeping Watch Over the SoulsPastor HoHebrews 13:7-9, 17-19Standalone
2023-07-16 07-16-2023All is well when we submit to GodPastor TangJeremiah 29:11-13Standalone
2020-04-05 04-05-2020The Church is a Family of GodPastor Young ChoeRomans 12:4-5What is the Church?
2022-12-18 12-18-2022Two Good News PronouncementsPastor HoLuke 1:5-38Standalone
2020-08-16 08-16-2020Oh that Salvation out of ZionPastor Young ChoePsalm 53:1-6Christ in the Psalms
2020-07-05 07-05-2020The Steadfast Love of GodPastor Young ChoePsalm 51:1-2Christ in the Psalms
2023-04-16 04-16-2023The Radiant SonPastor HoHebrews 1:1-4Standalone
2023-04-09 04-09-2023Live Out the New LifePastor TangEphesians 2:1-10Easter
2021-02-28 02-28-2021The Day of the LORD is NearPastor Young ChoeObadiah 10-15Through the Bible
2023-05-07 05-07-2023The Way of Husband and WifePastor Ho1 Peter 3:1-71 Peter
2021-02-21 02-21-2021The Lion RoarsPastor Young ChoeAmos 3:1-8Through the Bible
2020-02-16 02-16-2020The Book of Deuteronomy: God’s Interpretation of HistoryPastor Young ChoeDeuteronomy 9:4-7Through the Bible
2023-07-02 07-02-2023Living For JesusPastor TangPhilippians 4:1-9Standalone
2020-08-02 08-02-2020Christ-Centered ServicePastor Young ChoePsalm 127:1Christ in the Psalms
2023-10-15 10-15-2023The Trap of Passing Judgement and the Only Way OutPastor HerringMatthew 7:1-5Standalone
2020-11-29 11-29-2020The Foot-Washing MasterPastor HoJohn 13:1-17Christmas Advent
2021-09-26 09-26-2021Jesus, Worthy of it AllBrother Matthew RicciLuke 14:25-35Standalone
2023-02-26 02-26-2023The Lord of TomorrowPastor HoJames 4:13-17James
2021-08-01 08-01-2021The Mission: Get Rid of SinPastor Matt BedzykRomans 8:12-13The Mission
2023-10-08 10-08-2023Avoid Spiritual DangersPastor Tang2 Peter 1:1-112 Peter
2023-02-19 02-19-2023The Double-Minded ChristianPastor HoJames 4:1-12James
2022-06-12 06-12-2022A New CovenantPastor Young ChoeHebrews 8:5-13Through the Bible
2022-09-03 09-03-2022Message #2Pastor TangPsalm 1:1-6Church Retreat
2023-05-21 05-21-2023What Every Christian Must DoPastor Tang1 Peter 3:8-221 Peter
2022-03-13 03-13-2022Encountering Jesus through MissionKen PitcherLuke 10:30-37, Matthew 25:35Standalone
2023-08-20 08-20-2023The Life-Changing Work of GracePastor HerringRomans 5:20-6:2Standalone
2020-07-19 07-19-2020A Christian Love StoryPastor HoPsalm 119:97-104Christ in the Psalms
2024-02-25 02-25-2024Honoring GodBrother Egan YipNehemiah 13:1-31Nehemiah
2022-10-16 10-16-2022Our God is the Unchanging GodPastor TangHebrews 13:8Standalone
2022-01-23 01-23-2022Shepherding the Flock of GodPastor Young Choe1 Peter 5:1-5Standalone
2020-11-15 11-15-2020Christ's Love for His BridePastor Young ChoeSong of Solomon 2:3-7Through the Bible
2020-02-02 02-02-2020Book of Leviticus: Fellowship with GodPastor Young ChoeHebrews 8:5Through the Bible
2024-01-14 01-14-2024Together We BuildPastor TangNehemiah 3:1-30Nehemiah
2021-04-25 04-25-2021In All Things God Works for Our GoodPastor Young ChoeHabakkuk 3:17-19Through the Bible
2022-12-11 12-11-2022How to Live By FaithPastor TangLuke 1:26-38Standalone
2021-11-28 11-28-2021Hope of SalvationPastor Young ChoeMatthew 1:18-23Advent
2021-07-04 07-04-2021Hunger & Thirst for RighteousnessPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:6Beatitudes
2024-03-17 03-17-2024JoyBrother Egan YipJohn 15:8-11Fruit of the Spirit
2022-01-09 01-09-2022Elders in the Life of the Church - Part 1Pastor Young Choe1 Timothy 3:1-7Standalone
2024-02-18 02-18-2024The Ultimate Priority (ACTS of Worship)Pastor TangNehemiah 9:1-3Nehemiah
2021-04-04 04-04-2021The Simple GospelPastor Young ChoeJohn 10:1-3Standalone
2020-07-26 07-26-2020Your way may be knownPastor Young ChoePsalm 67:1-7Christ in the Psalms
2023-12-10 12-10-2023Live to GivePastor TangActs 20:24-38Standalone
2023-04-30 04-30-2023Submission to AuthoritiesPastor Ho1 Peter 2:13-251 Peter
2020-03-08 03-08-2020What is the Mission?Pastor Young ChoeColossians 3:5-8What is the Church?
2022-01-16 01-16-2022Caring for the Church of GodPastor HoActs 20:17-31Standalone
2022-06-19 06-19-2022True Saving FaithPastor Young ChoeJames 2:14-26Through the Bible
2024-05-05 05-05-2024The Fruit of Spirit - GentlenessMinister Dingli ChenMatthew 5:38-44Fruit of the Spirit
2020-06-21 06-21-2020The Law: The Making of the SonPastor Young ChoePsalm 19:7-11Christ in the Psalms
2022-04-03 04-03-2022Work Out Your SalvationPastor Young ChoePhilippians 2:12-13Through the Bible
2020-08-23 08-23-2020God's Word is LightPastor HoPsalm 119:105-112Christ in the Psalms
2022-03-27 03-27-2022Compassion for the NationsMatthew RicciRomans 10:14-15Standalone
2020-06-14 06-14-2020Jesus rules this worldPastor Young ChoePsalm 2:6-7Christ in the Psalms
2022-08-14 08-14-2022I am the Way, the Truth, and the LifePastor Young ChoeJohn 14:1-11Standalone
2021-06-06 06-06-2021Blessed Are Those Who MournPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:4Beatitudes
2021-08-08 08-08-2021The Mission: Get Ready for HeavenPastor Dave Theobald2 Peter 3:14-18The Mission
2022-09-05 09-05-2022Message #5Pastor TangMatthews 7:15-27Church Retreat
2020-08-09 08-09-2020Christ-Centered PrayerPastor Young ChoePsalm 119:65Christ in the Psalms
2023-07-23 07-23-2023Trust in The LordPastor TangProverbs 3:5-6Standalone
2023-03-12 03-12-2023Be PatientPastor TangJames 5:7-11James
2020-05-10 05-10-2020Do not forsake your mother’s teachingPastor Young ChoeProverbs 1:1-9Standalone
2021-01-03 01-03-2021You do not have because you do not askPastor Young ChoeJames 4:1-10New Year 2021
2020-06-07 06-07-2020Delight in the Law of the LORDPastor Young ChoePsalm 1Christ in the Psalms
2021-03-21 03-21-2021The Cost and Reward of Being DisciplesPastor HoLuke 14:25-33Standalone
2021-11-14 11-14-2021Righteousness of God is RevealedPastor Young ChoeRomans 1:16-17Through the Bible
2022-07-24 07-24-2022The Revelation of Jesus ChristPastor Young ChoeRevelation 1:1-3Through the Bible
2022-11-20 11-20-2022A Trilogy of ThanksgivingPastor HoLuke 17:11-19Standalone
2022-11-27 11-27-2022The Word Became FleshPastor HoJohn 1:1-14Standalone
2022-04-10 04-10-2022The Supremacy of ChristPastor Young ChoeColossians 1:15-20Through the Bible
2022-05-08 05-08-2022What Tongues Are You Speaking?Brother Dingli ChenActs 2:1-13Standalone
2021-07-11 07-11-2021Blessed are the MercifulPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:7Beatitudes
2023-09-03 09-03-2023Live a Productive Christian LifePastor Tang2 Peter 1:1-10Standalone
2022-02-20 02-20-2022Another HelperPastor HoJohn 14:15-31Standalone
2023-06-25 06-25-2023The True Grace of GodPastor Ho1 Peter 5:1-141 Peter
2024-04-14 04-14-2024KindnessBrother Egan YipLuke 6:31-36Fruit of the Spirit
2023-08-13 08-13-2023Proclaim the Year of the Lord’s FavorMinister Dingli ChenLuke 4:16-20Standalone
2024-01-21 01-21-2024Builders Wear SwordsMinister Dingli ChenNehemiah 4:1-23Nehemiah
2022-01-02 01-02-2022Prayer 2022: Listening to GodPastor Young ChoeEcclesiastes 5:1-3Standalone
2021-04-02 04-02-2021The Three CriminalsPastor Young ChoeLuke 23:32-43Standalone
2023-04-07 04-07-2023Honor the Death of JesusMinister Dingli ChenJohn 19:38-42Good Friday
2020-03-01 03-01-2020What is the Church?Pastor Young ChoeRevelation 21:1-3What is the Church?
2021-08-15 08-15-2021Blessed are the Pure in HeartPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:1-12Beatitudes
2020-06-28 06-28-2020The LORD is My ShepherdPastor Young ChoePsalm 23:1-6Christ in the Psalms
2022-12-04 12-04-2022The Suffering KingPastor HoMark 8:22-38Standalone
2020-08-30 08-30-2020Spiritual WarfarePastor Young ChoePsalm 144:1-2Christ in the Psalms