English Sermons

2021-10-10 10-10-2021Into the Holy of HoliesPastor Young ChoeJohn 14:6Through the Bible
2021-08-29 08-29-2021Blessed are the PersecutedPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:1-12Beatitudes
2021-04-11 04-11-2021Woe to the Proud and Arrogant!Pastor Young ChoeNahum 1:1-11Through the Bible
2021-05-09 05-09-2021Seek His KingdomPastor Young ChoeHaggai 1:3-11Through the Bible
2019-11-17 11-17-2019Whom Do You TrustPastor Young ChoeLuke 18:9-14Standalone
2019-11-03 11-03-2019Come Drink from JesusPastor HoJohn 7:37-52Standalone
2020-05-03 05-03-2020The Gospel According to SamuelTim Schaertel2 Samuel 7:1-17Through the Bible
2021-02-07 02-07-2021An Unfaithful LoverPastor Young ChoeHosea 3Through the Bible
2021-07-18 07-18-2021The Mission: God is the GospelPastor Young Choe1 Peter 3:18The Mission
2021-05-16 05-16-2021The Reign of the MessiahPastor Young ChoeZechariah 9:9-10Through the Bible
2019-10-27 10-27-2019Reformation – Sola Scriptura & Sola FidePastor Young ChoeEphesians 2:19-20, 2:8-9Standalone
2021-01-31 01-31-2021The Ancient of Days Reigns!Pastor Young ChoeDaniel 7:9-10,13-14Through the Bible
2021-03-07 03-07-2021God's Love vs Man's LovePastor Young ChoeJonah 3:6 - 4:5Through the Bible
2019-11-24 11-24-2019Give Thanks in All CircumstancesPastor Young Choe1 Thessalonians 5:16-19Standalone
2020-01-12 01-12-2020Genesis: Two BeginningsPastor Young ChoeGenesis 1:1-3Through the Bible
2019-09-29 09-29-2019Labor and BurdenChunlun ChanMatthew 11:28-30Standalone
2021-06-13 06-13-2021Merciful RevivalPastor HoPsalm 119:153-160Standalone
2021-04-18 04-18-2021Take Your Spear as a PriestBrother Dingli ChenNumbers 25Standalone
2020-11-22 11-22-2020The Rebuke of the FatherPastor Young ChoeIsaiah 1:2-4Through the Bible
2020-05-24 05-24-2020My People who are called by my namePastor Young Choe2 Chronicles 7:14Through the Bible
2021-05-23 05-23-2021His Spirit of RighteousnessPastor Young ChoeMalachi 4:2Through the Bible
2020-03-15 03-15-2020Can Affliction Be Good?Pastor HoPs 119: 65-72Standalone
2019-10-20 10-20-2019Man-Made IdolsChunlun ChanPsalms 135:15-18Standalone
2020-04-26 04-26-2020No Hope to Hope FulfilledPastor Young ChoeRuth 1:14-18Through the Bible
2021-08-22 08-22-2021Blessed are the PeacemakersPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:1-12Beatitudes
2021-06-27 06-27-2021Intimate WorshipPastor HoLuke 7:36-50Standalone
2021-03-14 03-14-2021A Ruler, a ShepherdPastor Young ChoeMicah 5:2-5Through the Bible
2021-03-28 03-28-2021Hosanna in the Highest!Pastor Young ChoeMark 11:7-10Standalone
2021-09-05 09-05-2021Building A Healthy and Growing ChurchRev. Joshua TingActs 2:41-47Standalone
2021-09-19 09-19-2021A Light in the DarknessPastor Young ChoeMark 1:15Through the Bible
2020-09-06 09-06-2020Return to the LORDPastor Young ChoeNehemiah 1:4-11Through the Bible
2020-07-12 07-12-2020Inside, Not OutsidePastor Young ChoePsalm 51:16-19Christ in the Psalms
2021-05-30 05-30-2021Blessed Are The Poor in SpiritPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:1-11Beatitudes
2020-03-22 03-22-2020The Church Is A Spiritual HospitalTim SchaertelMark 2:15-17What is the Church?
2020-12-20 12-20-2020Faith Sees HimPastor Young ChoeMatthew 16:13-17Christmas Advent
2020-05-31 05-31-2020Fasting and PrayerPastor Young ChoeEzra 8:21-23Through the Bible
2020-01-19 01-19-2020Genesis Part 2: The Image of GodPastor Young ChoeGenesis 1:26-27Through the Bible
2020-02-09 02-09-2020The Book of Numbers: The Ways of the LordPastor Young ChoeHebrews 3:7-13Through the Bible
2019-09-01 09-01-2019Who is the Christ?Pastor HoJohn 7:1-13Standalone
2020-10-25 10-25-2020Wisdom of DavidPastor Young ChoePsalm 49:1-3Through the Bible
2021-10-17 10-17-2021Fallen is BabylonPastor HoRevelation 17:1-6Standalone
2020-11-08 11-08-2020An Upside-Down WorldPastor Young ChoeEcclesiastes 12:13-14Through the Bible
2020-10-18 10-18-2020God works all things together for goodPastor Young ChoeJob 42:2-3Through the Bible
2020-01-05 01-05-2020Give Yourself to Prayer in 2020Pastor Young ChoeEphesians 6:10-18Standalone
2020-02-23 02-23-2020The Gospel According to JoshuaTim SchaertelJoshua 5:13-15Through the Bible
2019-12-01 12-01-2019The Birth of the FirstbornPastor HoRomans 8:28-30Standalone
2019-09-15 09-15-2019The Parable of the SoilsTim SchaertelLuke 8:1-15Standalone
2021-01-10 01-10-2021The LORD is our RighteousnessPastor Young ChoeJeremiah 23:5-6Through the Bible
2020-09-13 09-13-2020The Invisible GodPastor Young ChoeEsther 4:12-14Through the Bible
2020-12-13 12-13-2020Baby Jesus?Pastor Young ChoeIsaiah 9:6Christmas Advent
2020-10-11 10-11-2020Wisdom from AbovePastor Young ChoeProverbs 5:7Through the Bible
2021-10-03 10-03-2021Lord's Prayer: A Prayer of God's Perfect SonPastor Young ChoeLuke 11:1-4Through the Bible
2020-01-26 01-26-2020The Gospel According to ExodusTim SchaertelExodus 6:1-8Through the Bible
2019-11-10 11-10-2019Where is your Faith?Tim SchaertelLuke 8:22-25Standalone
2019-12-22 12-22-2019The New Born KingPastor Young ChoeMatthew 2:9-11Standalone
2021-02-14 02-14-2021Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be savedPastor Young ChoeJoel 2:28, 32Through the Bible
2020-09-27 09-27-2020Holiness to our GodBrother Howard StoneEpehsians 4:22-24Standalone
2021-07-25 07-25-2021The Mission: Heaven is our HopePastor Young ChoeActs 1:8-11The Mission
2019-09-08 09-08-2019He Who is Forgiven Much, Loves MuchTim SchaertelLuke 7:36-50Standalone
2020-05-17 05-17-2020Seeing with new eyesPastor Young Choe2 Kings 6:16-17Through the Bible
2020-04-19 04-19-2020Did what was right in their own eyesPastor Young ChoeJudges 21:25Through the Bible
2021-09-12 09-12-2021The Son of Man, the Son of GodPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:17-18Through the Bible
2019-10-13 10-13-2019The True Family of GodTim SchaertelLuke 8:16-21Standalone
2021-01-17 01-17-2021The Steadfast Love of the LORD never ceasesPastor Young ChoeLamentations 4:22-27Through the Bible
2021-05-02 05-02-2021A Remnant Through The DisasterPastor Young ChoeZephaniah 3:12Through the Bible
2020-12-27 12-27-2020Better than GoldPastor Young ChoePsalm 19:7-10New Year 2021
2020-09-20 09-20-2020Safe in the Arms of My GodPastor HoPsalm 119:113-120Standalone
2021-01-24 01-24-2021I will put my Spirit within youPastor Young ChoeEzekiel 36:22-28Through the Bible
2020-03-29 03-29-2020The Church is the Kingdom of GodPastor HoMatthew 16:18-19What is the Church?
2020-04-12 04-12-2020Resurrection from the DeadPastor Young Choe1 Corinthians 15:12-19, 31-32Standalone
2020-11-01 11-01-2020Wisdom for BelowPastor Young ChoeProverbs 2:6Through the Bible
2020-10-04 10-04-2020The Trustworthy Messiah and his Trustworthy MessageBrother Keith RyooActs 18:1-17Standalone
2020-12-06 12-06-2020The Great Treasure wrapped in plain brown paperPastor Young ChoeLuke 1:32-33Christmas Advent
2020-04-05 04-05-2020The Church is a Family of GodPastor Young ChoeRomans 12:4-5What is the Church?
2020-08-16 08-16-2020Oh that Salvation out of ZionPastor Young ChoePsalm 53:1-6Christ in the Psalms
2019-12-29 12-29-2019The God Breathed WordTim Schaertel2 Timothy 3:12-17Standalone
2020-07-05 07-05-2020The Steadfast Love of GodPastor Young ChoePsalm 51:1-2Christ in the Psalms
2021-02-28 02-28-2021The Day of the LORD is NearPastor Young ChoeObadiah 10-15Through the Bible
2021-02-21 02-21-2021The Lion RoarsPastor Young ChoeAmos 3:1-8Through the Bible
2020-02-16 02-16-2020The Book of Deuteronomy: God’s Interpretation of HistoryPastor Young ChoeDeuteronomy 9:4-7Through the Bible
2020-08-02 08-02-2020Christ-Centered ServicePastor Young ChoePsalm 127:1Christ in the Psalms
2020-11-29 11-29-2020The Foot-Washing MasterPastor HoJohn 13:1-17Christmas Advent
2021-09-26 09-26-2021Jesus, Worthy of it AllBrother Matthew RicciLuke 14:25-35Standalone
2021-08-01 08-01-2021The Mission: Get Rid of SinPastor Matt BedzykRomans 8:12-13The Mission
2020-07-19 07-19-2020A Christian Love StoryPastor HoPsalm 119:97-104Christ in the Psalms
2020-11-15 11-15-2020Christ's Love for His BridePastor Young ChoeSong of Solomon 2:3-7Through the Bible
2020-02-02 02-02-2020Book of Leviticus: Fellowship with GodPastor Young ChoeHebrews 8:5Through the Bible
2021-04-25 04-25-2021In All Things God Works for Our GoodPastor Young ChoeHabakkuk 3:17-19Through the Bible
2021-07-04 07-04-2021Hunger & Thirst for RighteousnessPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:6Beatitudes
2019-12-15 12-15-2019Immanuel, God With UsTim SchaertelMatthew 1:18-25Standalone
2021-04-04 04-04-2021The Simple GospelPastor Young ChoeJohn 10:1-3Standalone
2020-07-26 07-26-2020Your way may be knownPastor Young ChoePsalm 67:1-7Christ in the Psalms
2020-03-08 03-08-2020What is the Mission?Pastor Young ChoeColossians 3:5-8What is the Church?
2020-06-21 06-21-2020The Law: The Making of the SonPastor Young ChoePsalm 19:7-11Christ in the Psalms
2020-08-23 08-23-2020God's Word is LightPastor HoPsalm 119:105-112Christ in the Psalms
2019-10-06 10-06-2019Discernment and JudgmentPastor HoJohn 7:14-36Standalone
2020-06-14 06-14-2020Jesus rules this worldPastor Young ChoePsalm 2:6-7Christ in the Psalms
2021-06-06 06-06-2021Blessed Are Those Who MournPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:4Beatitudes
2019-12-08 12-08-2019Prince of PeacePastor Young ChoeIsaiah 9:6-7Standalone
2021-08-08 08-08-2021The Mission: Get Ready for HeavenPastor Dave Theobald2 Peter 3:14-18The Mission
2020-08-09 08-09-2020Christ-Centered PrayerPastor Young ChoePsalm 119:65Christ in the Psalms
2020-05-10 05-10-2020Do not forsake your mother’s teachingPastor Young ChoeProverbs 1:1-9Standalone
2021-01-03 01-03-2021You do not have because you do not askPastor Young ChoeJames 4:1-10New Year 2021
2020-06-07 06-07-2020Delight in the Law of the LORDPastor Young ChoePsalm 1Christ in the Psalms
2021-03-21 03-21-2021The Cost and Reward of Being DisciplesPastor HoLuke 14:25-33Standalone
2021-07-11 07-11-2021Blessed are the MercifulPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:7Beatitudes
2019-09-22 09-22-2019True LoveRev. Michael PhuaLuke 6:27-36Standalone
2021-04-02 04-02-2021The Three CriminalsPastor Young ChoeLuke 23:32-43Standalone
2020-03-01 03-01-2020What is the Church?Pastor Young ChoeRevelation 21:1-3What is the Church?
2021-08-15 08-15-2021Blessed are the Pure in HeartPastor Young ChoeMatthew 5:1-12Beatitudes
2020-06-28 06-28-2020The LORD is My ShepherdPastor Young ChoePsalm 23:1-6Christ in the Psalms
2020-08-30 08-30-2020Spiritual WarfarePastor Young ChoePsalm 144:1-2Christ in the Psalms